Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recent Survey here in the Mamberamo

See my friend's survey trip into the Mamberamo. Here is what Kyle writes:

"I have just arrived back from a survey trip out to Papua with two dear friends (elders) from two supporting churches back in the States. What a blessing to have both Ronnie and Reagan along for this most important and rewarding trip.

We arrived in Sentani by plane and spent two days within the town preaching and teaching at a local GIDI church located there. We then boarded a prop plane out into the Memberamo region of fuau. A most remote location with very little outside contact. We spent two days in the locations as well teaching and preaching the gospel and meeting villagers there.

After our time there we took a 13 hours dug out canoe trip up the river to Debra, where we once again visited with locals, taught/preached the gospel and surveyed the land. This was a most joyous location as 32 villagers received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Only time will tell and reveal the true nature of their conversions. Please, continue to pray for these who still have yet to receive the bible in their own language and those who continually beg for a gospel/bible teacher to come and live among them.

Once again after about three days there, we were once again in a plane headed for Kaso and the Burmeso regions. We once again spent time teaching/preaching the gospel there and visiting and encouraging local believers.

I once again want to thank Trevor J, Brother Yuli, Ronnie B, Reagan K and both the fellowships of Basswood Church Knoxville, TN and Graham Bible Church Graham, TX for making this all possible. God bless you all and may He continue to use you all for His glory in your communities and ultimately the world."

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Stacy Murray said...

Most natural tribes have been completely destroyed by missionaries. Leave these beautiful people alone. They live in sync with nature and you're putting your UN-natuaral thoughts and ideas into their lives. Do your research, you are destroying them!!! All for selfish reasons -doing so will give you a better position in the church. Awful!!