Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back home - and a big "Da- da da"

Daddy, hold me hold me is what she is saying in baby talk.

...Have been gone too much lately and various emergencies have caused me to break 3 play dates in as many weeks.

Time to reduce the workload and go hunt some geckos with my son and hold my daughter.

My son has his pet cus-cus to play with - but Mr. Cookie's hugs hurt sometimes.

My team-mates

These are some of the folks I work closest worth.

More feast house pics

Ceiling of feast house

Feast house II

Old grubworm feast house

Interior interior home decorating

How beautiful are the feet...?

That verse has got to be interpreted figuratively!

One of my shoes completely fell apart after trekking and I had to wear my socks for awhile until I remembered I had crocs. Many leech bites too.

Jungle granny

Dirty jungle baby

Skin disease

In some communities interior about 90% of the people are affected at least in part by skin disease.

Tree houses

Progress on our house

Improvements on my temporary house

The kitchen is still fairly basic, but the roof has got zinc and the walls have got some mosquito screen now so the bugs don't nag us to death.

My house is a hybrid

My temporary house is now a hybrid of modern zinc roofing and nails and more traditional features such as logs held together by vines.

Interior children

Big smiles despite disturbing skin disease. The boy above smiles on my porch. This lady shows off her other healthy baby, the other one she lent into our hands to restore to health. Pray that this gets done.

Interior peoples - and a sick baby

We retrieved this sick baby from the interior. Malnutrition, lice, bad malaria, and a prolapsed rectum. Too weak to walk and 14.3 lbs at 2 years of age. On the height/weight charts she is below the bottom line (she should be dead). If God desires, we will return her healthy to her clan area.

Jungle trekking

2 days of constant rain and never being dry is not fun. Many river crossings, over 20 leech bites and a fall off a log into the river also added to the experience. Sleeping in the jungle while water gathered on your mosquito net and drips on your face all night is the cream on the cake.

Sunday in the Interior