Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talking shop in my new house

I love my newly varnished floors.

We still need some furniture...and some curtains to shut the windows because people are constantly peeping in.

Here I am talking strategy with local evangelists.

Me in my village

Hey! What's this guy laughing at????

Is it because the two big foreigners look so tired and sweaty or because we trip all over our feet on the trail?

Me and Perin, resting after teaching at a new post

Hazardous ladders to enter and exit local homes

Tropical ulcers, skin disease and sores

Being damp and dirty all the time is not great for skin and skin rashes, fungus, and tropical ulcers frequently afflict the people.

Coming home from looking for food

Yolincera and her new pet

Red Fruit - like a big jungle lollipop

If you eat too much, it makes you sleepy. It's oil is used as an herbal medicine.

Our jungle bungaloo - almost finished

Got water now from tanks, got a toilet, got a bed and mattresses....only solar power remains to be set up. The garden is even growing well.

There's a naked crocodile somewhere

He left his skin here....poor guy.

It's raining!!!

The rain came on suddenly and we ran our gear to the nearest hotel.

One blazin' day

Wow, that was a hot day. The sun was blinding too!

I know, I know, I wore a shirt on my head all day. My nose is still peeling though.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bad to the Bone

Bu...bu...bu...bu...bu...bu....Baaad, Bu...bu...bu...bu...bu...Baaad....


The alley behind our old house

Boys in the Hood

We took a working vacation back to our old neighborhood.

All the neighbor kids still knew Noah and they played about 10 hours each day.

...Like we never moved.

Pile on the Daddy!

After a swim and a shower, the best game going is to play "Pile on the Daddy."

It ranks right up there with the ol' classic, "Pull my finger."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More volcano pics

New friends

Meet the S____ family.

Family pic at volcano

Goofing around at the volcano

Don't try this at home.

Nothing is funner than throwing and rolling volcanic rock from the sides of mountains. It crashes real nice down below and shatters pretty cool. Noah sure likes it too.

Scenes from a train window 2

Views from the train window

As we exited one city, entered the countryside, and then entered another bigger city, I snapped these pics from the train window.

...Pretty depressing standard of living along the train tracks once one enters the city.

On the train

We took a break from our location and spent some time on another island during a working vacation of sorts.

Here we are in the train station.