Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A hard month here

Fun on a hot, hot day

Our little Fat Butterball Turkey never lacks for friends here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Peanut's first day of Pre-School

A group of local mothers organized an unofficial pre-school. This picture was Peanut waiting to go to his first day.

You can tell that he is a bit nervous because he is picking his nails - his daddy's favorite habit, too, when he is nervous or restless.

This is also a good picture of all of Peanut's toys. This is his "Play Corner: of our house - though the toys rarely stay just in this corner!

A bright spot this month - the healing of this baby

This has been a hard month. But this little baby is a very bright spot for us. She is living in our house now, with the aid of this female highland evangelist. When she came to us she was too weak to sit straight or stand. She had two kinds of malaria and seemed ready to die in a short time if her condition did not change. Now she laughs, stands and can walk with help. We are hoping that by the end of next month, at over 2 years of age and less than 14 pounds still, she will take her first steps.

The baby does have trouble protecting herself from the "Hug attacks" of my two little Turkeys, however. Their love can be exhausting at times forthe poor little baby.

The Gecko Island Twins

Thanks Gramma and Grampa - the little Turkeys love their matching T-Shirts.

Don't let your kid grow up to be a pot head!