Sunday, December 28, 2008

More pics of bath/swim time

Alethea exploring our home

And bringing us the ever-popular "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" by the great philosopher Dr. Seuss.

The Little Sweety gets a jello cup

She loves those things!

P.s. she got plenty more too.

Noah's new watch, and more gift-opening

Alethea's gift opening.

Noah loves to wear watches - so we got him TWO!

Gift time for Alethea

The Little Turkey loves jello cups.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Decorating the house, playing on the porch and giving out hugs

Teresa decorates the new house with a small stash of tinsel. You be festive in small ways in the village.

Alethea gives out hugs.

And Ali and Noah run amock on the porch.

The inside of our house

Nice quality wood and we managed to get lpg gas and our stove interior to cook. The neighbors love to look into our windows all day - so we need some curtains. I guess I would be curious too if I were them.

Perin - like part of the family

Perin has a special calling to help women and especially children.

She helped nurse Pulong back to health.

And my kids also benefit from her love as well.

Family pics in the new house

Happy kids

Hey! That's our drinking water!

Corn and peanuts

A nice start.

Now, let's see how the fruit trees do in a year or two.

Our swimming hole

Nice cool spring water. No crocs, clean water, and smooth rocks. What could be better on a hot day?

Lunch-time radio sked

The Little Turkey eats lunch while we do our daily radio call.