Thursday, December 25, 2008


This is awesome progress after basically 6 months of work in a remote location 2 full day's trek from the nearest remote airstrip.

Though, I am impatient and wanted to be "moving in" rather than sort of camping out in the hollow, but finished, shell of the will be completed within 2 months. Also water, indoor toilet, and electricity will be set up within 2 months hopefully.

Regrettable, we only had plane space for one mattress, so I slept on the floor. Also, our indoor plumbing and water is not yet set up so we had to go fetch water everyday and use our outhouse. But, if you'r gonna have an outhouse - have the Cadillac of outhouses like we have! This outhouse is bigger than the homes of some neighbors!

In the pics, you can see our nice broad road and the garden for the evangelists. Also, you can see Pulong playing outside, and also our outhouse and our clothes line and the basic shape of our home - the first home we have ever owned.

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Amy said...

It's beautiful! I love the flowers along the side of the trial. What a wonderful gift God has give us in flowers, simple, sweet and a constant reminder of Himself.
Sooo, any house warming parties planned?