Monday, September 22, 2014


“I plead this day for those who cannot plead for themselves, namely, the great outlying masses of the heathen world. 

Our existing pulpits are tolerably well supplied, but we need men who will build on new foundations

Who will do this?

Are we, as a company of faithful men, clear in our consciences about the heathen? 

Millions have never heard the Name of Jesus. Hundreds of millions have seen a missionary only once in their lives, and know nothing of our King. 

Shall we let them perish?

Can we go to our beds and sleep, while China, India, Japan, and other nations are being damned? 

Are we clear of their blood? 

Have they no claim on us? 

We ought to put it on this footing–not, ‘Can I prove that I ought to go?’ but, ‘Can I prove that I ought not to go?’"

---- Pastor Charles Spurgeon

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Clarita Barasa said...

My name is Clarita, I am a nursing student in Pelita Harapan University Tangerang. And this is my second years and next year I will graduate. I have desire to go and serve but I didn't know how until you came to my campus and become a speaker in our devotion. Now I begin to pray for my calling to serve and what I can do to sharing the Gospel. I really hope that I can be there with you to serve. And may God open the way for me. I promise I will study hard so when I am there,I can help you to care the patients. Please makes connection with my campus so they will send me there. Thank you so much. God bless you