Friday, May 17, 2013

Pig Attack and Medivac!

Ainus (eye-aye-noose) Kogoya was near the village when a wild jungle pig attacked him. 
Drawn to female domesticated pigs near the village, the boar aggressively approached. Upon encountering Ainus, it sprung. 
Ainus suffered 7 deep wounds, All will require stitches. There is a 3-inch slice between his big toe and second toe and bone is exposed. The pig also stuck his tusk into Ainus' arm (we are trying to make sure he gets a tetanus shot in Merauke). The pig bit into the back of Ainus' head. Lots of blood was lost. It puddled in our living room floor as we treated him. It soaked through all of his bandages quickly. 
Others hunted down and killed the pig with much malice.
Thanks to Mission Aviation Fellowship and an internet connection via satellite dish. We arranged medivac by float-plane within 4 hours for pick-up here in Danowage (which the pilot calls "about the farthest place from anywhere!") to the coastal hospital in Merauke. Mission Aviation literally saves lives!
Ainus insisted that some pig meat be taken along with him to Merauke so he could "eat the pig that ate him."
Pray for him as he recovers. Sometimes quality medical care is hard to find in Papua.