Friday, August 13, 2010

Me and Noah playing in rice paddies

Papandayan volcano and Tea plantation

Great place for a camping vacation. Me and Noah slept in a tent on the lip of the volcano and Noah did well camping and hiking with Daddy ("getting dirty is fun" he says).

Nice paddies, and a Buddhist temple

That funny thing I am holding is to help fling the holy water. Noah had fun playing with it.

Vacation pics from last january

I have been to Java now twice this year, to host guests from the West who will hopefully come back. Also, I was enabled to take Yulianus and Martinus, two workers from my island, to Java with me in January, above are the pics. You can read more about Yuli here:

Summer 2010 family pics - final

Summer family pics 2010 - The whole fam

Family pics summer of 2010 - Alethea in her Princess Dress

Family pictures summer 2010 - Noah is getting so big!