Monday, November 19, 2007

How can you not smile at a face like this!?

Baby is quite a little laugher. Deep belly laughs.

She even laughs so hard she passes wind.

.....(she must take after mommy!)

Soccer in the rain

Squish, squish, Kick....Squish, squish, Kick..Squish, squish, Kick......

At least it is not as hot when it rains!

5 months and happier every day

Playing airplanes and army forts

VVVRRROOOOoooooooommmmm...around and around the bushes shooting bad guys.


Ringing the bell to warn others that the bad guys are coming.

A great way to spend a day.

Shopping day

The best place to buy coconuts!!!

But the meat.....usually too old and a bit too many flies!

Daddy loses at soccer

For a short little guy - he's awful quick with his feet!

Our son fights back against a cheek-pincher

Cheek pinchers!

If you are a little white boy, the danger is everywhere if you live here.

Every girl you pass pinches your cheeks....sometimes quite hard!

What to do if you are only 3 years old!?

..Learn how to slap back.

Our son - the soccer champ!

Just Hanging Around