Friday, May 21, 2010

Alethea helps Mommy with clinic

Everyday except Sunday at 4pm Alethea beats a skillet with a spoon to signal the beginning of clinic. Mommy treats those that need help on our front porch (walking to those too weak, or sending me).

Alethea here helps Mommy and tries on rubber gloves (and sometimes shares cookies with our guests).

A school day for Noah

Noah learned to read, largely travelling or in the village.

Simple is sometimes better.

Livin' in style

A double decker evangelist's house with Melenus in front.

Church service in a more accessible village

Up the river

Embarking from a more accessible village and heading upriver to check on reports of several sick/dying people. The patients were not as bad as we thought, they had just stopped eating and drinking (sometimes happens here). One pregnant lady had a fall and did not move or speak until we listened to the baby and felt it move (I think she was mute and lay still due to fear).

The kids on the riverbanks use netbags to swim along the muddy banks and try to nab small fish.

Travelling buddies

Me and Jimmy Weyato, our village teacher, taking a trip.

And was HOT that day. Wow.

Family pic - May 2010

Noah and Melenus exploring the gardens

Noah likes to walk on logs and cross the creeks and see the gardens (and beat banana plants with big sticks - killing bad guys with swords, he says).

Perin reading to Yolincera and Alethea

Monday, May 17, 2010

General pics of urban life over here

Not sure if I took these or a friend did who then transferred them to me, but these pics are good to see what urban village life is sometimes like here.

In the middle is a rambutan ruck filled with that wonderful sweet fruit!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The kids playing in the USA last fall

Some old furlough pics for the grand-parents.

Furlough pics 2 - the kids marvelling at the Dino at Toys R Us NYC

Some furlough pics 1 - New York Trip

I am posting these a little late. But oh well.

These are from late fall.

Trip to NYC and NJ.

Noah running in Central Park chasing pigeons. The kids wrestling in bed. And lots of big buildings and lights and traffic and noise and people (get me outta here)!