Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Perpetua is getting big

Lazy afternoon in Danowage

Behind our house and at the location of the school being built.

Pics from Rockport Baptist

We spent 3 weeks back in the US in August and here are some pics from one Sunday at Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, Missouri. Thanks Billy Jackson for taking our family pics (even though the sun was shiny and the kids sort of pics is sometimes a trial).

From last year - Alethea's pre-school

Last year we went to Bandung, West Java, for a few months to wait for baby Perpetua to arrive.

While there, we enrolled Alethea in a special pre-school.

Some birthday pics

Since we haven't updated this blogsite very well due to busyness, here are some birthday pics from this year all gathered together.

Jungle Football