Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jimi recovering from a pig attack

A villager had brought a wild pig (with tusks) into the village. The pig chewed through its rope (err....vine). Jimi was worried about the pig harming the many children in the village and so approached the pig with a bow and arrow. He had jungle tangles to his back and when the pig charged, shattering his bow, he had no place to run.

The pig jumped on top of him and bit him repeatedly, almost severing his toe, puncturing his legs, thighs, rear, hands.

When we managed to evacuate him out, he was too weak to stand or walk. His wounds were already starting to fester and become infected.

This pic is post-op after his wounds were cleaned and a steel pin placed in his foot to save his toe.

Over ready to serve, Jimi is using his time on the coast to take courses as a village health-care worker to help the people of his village once he is healthy enough to return.


Jules said...

Looks like he is going to need some physical therapy :)

TandT said...


There's a lot of people that could benefit from therapy here. Lots of bone breaks result in long-term muscle atrophy and rigidity and loss of full function and range of motion.

Some people fall from trees (gotta have their coconut fix I guess) or falling off logs while crossing rivers, etc.