Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Pic in the Village - end of May, 2011

Teresa is showing a little preggo pooch. Noah is trying to keep his eyes open despite the sun (even on this cloudy day), but otherwise not too bad of a picture(Alethea falls in the mud 3 minutes later).

A good pic of the house, too. The zinc roofing is rusting a bit, but still good. You can see our orange gravity feed water tower for our water system, and the awesome VSat satellite internet connection that I am now sending these pics to you with (with solar panel on a platform beside it. Behind the Vsat are two tall skinny poles with a wire between them, that is a radio antenna. You can also see our front porch where medical clinic happens every afternoon at four in the afternoon when Ali helps Mommy bang the metal pot signaling the beginning of clinic (otherwise people come at all hours and drives us nuts). We also dug up the jungle grass and planted Japanese grass to make a smooth, green yard.


Anonymous said...

Huge house. How old is it? I suppose you all are doing a home birth? Nice picture of the family and home front! Chad

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