Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The frame of our house

Much progress in a short time facing many adverse conditions.

In June we started. Had to cut wood and let the wood dry for 6-8 weeks. In August the work REALLY got started. I have tried to delegate; using a team of 6, with a manager on the coast. Still this is at least like a heavy part-time job.

Now, the house is over half done and 80% paid for and will be almost totally complete when we move there in December, only finer furniture, chairs and shelves will remain to be completed (and I want my workers to rest before they do this finer work that is more essential to our everyday enjoyment - who wants to sit on a splintery bench and try to work?.

The nearest aistrip has been 2 full day's walk away, and now that strip is closed due to water-damage, so that the nearest strip is now 4 days walk away --so I have to wait on heli transport to get most supplies in. The heli schedule is not always accomodating. Plus, my family has been sick this month. In short, challenges remain high, but progress hasbeen good.

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