Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brush your teeth every day

Every night before we go to bed it is time to brush teeth. While we do that, we sing this ditty:

Brush your teeth every day
It's the clean and healthy way

Let your dentist check them too
so they will not bother you

Give your teeth a snack time treat
Crunchy vegetables to eat

And part of the tradition is to change the last verse to "crunchy animals to eat" to which the Peanut says..."Nooooooooo..that's not how it goes..."


kamelda said...

Traditions are so nice. I sing to Ruben to get him to brush his teeth too.

Kelsea said...

Way to keep those pearly whites clean!

dschwalm said...

Crunchy fruit will also do
good for teeth and good for you!!

Go Elmo and Grover!!