Saturday, April 26, 2008

Teaching at F___

The church is the best built building in F___ and this is me teaching. Contrast the church building with the traditional houses in the community.

I brought a generator and projector and showed some films as well. After the 3rd film finished, the people asked for the films to be restarted (since this is the first time almost all of them had seen a film) and they rewatched these films again... about 7-8 hours worth of film within 2 nights, plus 5 sessions of teaching.

I was recovering from falciparum malaria, but their zeal really helped me to forget my fatigue. Only if everyone were so eager to hear the Word.

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Tan said...

Hey that was real sarifice to help those pool fellows down there.

Any thing that I could help to make it easier 4 you.