Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Climbing Burangrang - our mountain adventure - 1

Well, climbing up was easy....getting down was a little harder.

Four hours up...very tiring....but not too mentally difficult.

What we thought was 1 hour back down turned into an overnight trip.

The trails branch off into several directions and we went down the wrong side of the slope after veering too far right and getting too close to a sheer cliff.

We ended up in the dark with failing flashlight batteries.

So, we called it a night.

We found a farmer's field and slept for the night. Banana leaves under and above as covers. At one point, an animal approached and we chased it off. It looked like an ape (the nearly extinct Javanese gibbon having its home here in this area).

Then, getting up in the early morning, we crossed about 5-6 ridges perpindicularly (i.e. straight up and straight down the other side) until we found our motorbike again. Yikes, talk about a burn in the legs!

All good adventures must come to an end...

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