Sunday, August 19, 2007

The friendly local witch doctor

Nothing astonishes a crowd like becoming entranced, eating glass, cutting one's self and driving nails into your nose! His full-chest tattoo of a bat was quite impressive as well.

This local spiritual power person exhibited his displays at Independance Day this year. Women swooned and children cried and the rythmodic music played as he swayed, growled like a tiger, crawled and cut himself and did other acts of self-mutilation to prove his power.

Passing by the festivities, I stopped in awe, and then snapped a few pictures before Noah began screaming in terror at this bloody dislay.

Postscript: The next day this man admitted himself into the hospital. When I asked someone local why his power was not strong enough, I was told that somebody had obviously cursed, vexed or otherwise broke his power on purpose or that a stronger spirit was present which disturbed his power.

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